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AN ITALIAN LOVE STORY A story where the inseparable link to a unique Land in the World is intertwined with the Legend of the monks of the Certosa di Capri. The history of I Profumi di Capri, handed down over the centuries, from the time of Giovanna d’Angiò. It was precisely to celebrate the Queen’s arrival on the Island that the monks of the Certosa in 1380 had a collection of the most beautiful flowers of Capri prepared and, when it was time to throw them away, they realized that the water in which they had been immersed had acquired a mysterious scent. Today the Laboratory is located exactly a few steps from the Gardens of Augustus and in Carthusia we have remained faithful to the olfactory tradition and the values of the past. As then, all stages of production are carried out by hand, guaranteeing the observance of natural methods and the precious care of craftsmanship. Choosing a Carthusia fragrance means identifying with the sobriety of Italian style, where the continuous search for perfection becomes the inspiration that allows us to compose unique essences. Protecting the Cultural and Natural Heritage of a Territory of which we are simple custodians, handing down the Love for our Land and teaching future generations the importance of our Roots, will constitute the deepest meaning of the Carthusia project in the years to come.


Shop 28, G/F, 11-19 Great George Street, Fashion Walk

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11:30 - 20:30



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